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Victorian child/staff ratios are about to change. I am yet to hear a staff member complain about the existing ratios and have observed that they have been more than adequate. If a teacher in a primary school can manage 18-5yr olds by him/herself then I don't see why a kinder teacher cannot cope with 15 children. Under 3's ratios are adequate if care is taken in the age range mix of the children. One staff member will obviously have difficulties in managing 5 babies.
I am sure that the new ratios will improve the quality of care BUT wage cost (wages, super, workcover) is by far the largest expense in child care. This cost will sicnificantly increase with the new staff/child ratios. Unless the govt dramatically increases the CCB then parents will not be able to afford child care and back yard care will surface again. It is all well and good for staff to claim that the changes to staff/child ratios will be a good outcome but will they keep saying that when they are out of work? Owners of child care centres, including community run centres, will not be able to absorb the increased cost. It will be passed on to parents. The bottom line is that unless the govt increases the funding for child care we will have severe problems.

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Im a childcare worker and i believe its time for a ratio change, everyone believes that it an easy job, well its not.. it may become hard when u look at the money side of things, but it with be a benifit with the service of care towards all these children that are having to suffer with the level of care present due to the lack of staff numbers.
I wok in NSW where the ratio is already 1 staff member to 10 children over 3 years. Our fees are on par with all Victorian childcare centres locted within 5 minutes of our centre. We have to employ and pay two qualified Kinder teachers who earn a lot more money then Diploma trained staff. I dont think the ratio change should have to affect the fees and parents all that much in Victoria if we can do it!! Jo
I am a family Day care worker in NSW and our ratio currently is 5-1 and at times that can seen too many children as this is not an easy job, but in saying that most days are quite manageable when you are organized as I am. The new ratio of 4children to 1 carer will drastically increase the fees to which parents will have to find the money for unless the government increases the the CCB for parents.It may put a stop or at least reduce the amount of unemployed parents putting their children into care 3-4 days a week when really they don't need it.

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